Sandra Camille (Powers) Bridewell, was born, April 4, 1944. She was adopted as a youngster by Arthur and Camille Powers of Sedalia, Missouri. She was recognized mostly as a destructive con-artist, as, around the class of a lot more than 3 many years, the lady who grew to become recognized as the “Black Widow”, deceived both fans and pals for hundreds of countless numbers of dollars. She is also suspected of being a part of, atleast one of her husbands and also a near mate loss of life.

It all started in a disconcerting and traumatic childhood. Reviews show, that at the age of 3, her adoptive mother, Camille, was killed in a car-incident. Bridewell’s father, Arthur, who both managed and commanded a Dr.Pepper bottling manufacturing facility, inevitably re-married, and the family members ended up re-found to Oak Cliff, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. He resigned from his previous posture and found new employment, turning into a cemetery plot salesman.

Bridewell uncovered that changing to her new surroundings was not the issue, the issue was changing to her new stepmother Doris. The two of them ended up continuosly combating, even though Bridewell would protest that her stepmother regulary locked her within a closet, refused to send out birthday occasion invites and enjoy telling her that nobody wanted her.

Bridewell graduated high university in the year of 1962. As a high university scholar, she would almost never day, nevertheless immediately after graduation, she before long began relationship a collection of diverse gentlemen. She was extreamly seductive, quite a few of the gentlemen grew to become totally smitten with, what a afterwards mate would explain as, “her, ‘lady-like’, ‘poor-helpless-me’ regime”. Bridewell attended junior higher education for a one year, it looks Bridewell experienced presently made the decision her intentions, she wanted to marry into money.

Criminal offense

For Sandra to reach her intentions, she began living a lifetime, littered with deception and deceit. She would tell some pals, that both of her adoptive mom and dad ended up killed. She would tell some many others she was daughter to Irish aristocrats. The most typical deceit that she used with regularity, was the “West Position Boyfriend”, this entailed the story of a boyfriend who shot himself though she sat upcoming to him in a car.

Despite Sandra’s constant misleading character, she was able to influence quite a few people to feel her lies, specially gentlemen. Several stories from these gentlemen, ended up quite very similar and followed a common theme, recalling, “She experienced a way” and, “Men, just form of… ended up fascinated with her”. Sandra by means of the class of her lifetime, would intensify the deception and lived with quite a few diverse aliases.

There ended up quite a few victims, from her guiltless deceit. A person these sufferer, was the up-shot dentist, David Stegall, who was schooled in Los Angeles and was a standard dentist for high-position Hollywood stars. Stegall experienced a compulsion to, Cadillacs, huge houses and very women of all ages. Sandra recognized a thing she preferred about Stegall, and by the year 1967 she experienced married him. In just the 1st several decades immediately after the relationship, the pair began to increase a family members, and before long experienced 3 daughters, Britt, Kathryn and Emily. The family members appreciated a high-course lifestyle and lived in a most attractive Dallas neighbourhood.

Sandra’s flavor and enthusiasm for the finer points ended up even a lot more profound than her husbands, and desite the substantial salary and name of Stegall, Sandra’s tastes ended up beginning to pressure and having the family members to the brink. Sandra was a connoisseur of quite a few points, she loved beautiful artwork and high-priced furnishings. By the year 1974, the couple’s relationship was in turmoil and the family members was in significant financial debt, forcing Stegall to mortgage a significant sum of money from his father to shell out off a quantity of the significant charges.

By February 1975, the situation experienced around-come Stegall, and he tried out to dedicate suicide. Reviews show that Sandra uncovered a distressed Stegall closed in a closet with a gun pointed at his head. Sandra was then able to persuade Stegall to re-consider. Nevertheless this did not change Stegall for the extended-term, and a several months afterwards he was uncovered dead. Lying on in his bed with both wrists open and a.22 caliber gunshot wound by means of his head.

Sandra swiftly took action to straightening her money situation. This started with the selection of her husband’s lifetime insurance coverage plan, sold the lat Stegall’s practice and began relationship other wealthy gentlemen. After a mere 3 decades of her husband’s loss of life, Sandra was married all over again, this time to very well-recognized Dallas based mostly developer, Bobby Bridewell.

Quickly immediately after the marriage Bridewell took the conclusion to undertake Sandra’s 3 daughters and the family members produced their’ residence in the fancy Dallas neighbourhood of Highland Park. Nevertheless in 1980, lifetime changed and in spectacular and tragic twist Bridwell was diagnosed with cancer. Sandra found the diagnosis incredibly distressing, as she ongoing her lifetime in her normal way, with an elemental grieving. All through her husbands fight with the illness, Sandra made the decision to have the family’s complete domestic remodelled, forcing the weakening Bridewell to transfer into a friend’s dwelling. Bridewell immediately after a 2 year battle, at last succumbed to his diagnoses and died.

The impression of Bridewell’s loss of life was difficult-felt by Sandra. At least for the brief-term, she was able to acquire aid and hope, in the friendship of Bridewell’s oncologist, Dr’ John Bradwell and his spouse Betsy. In the beginning the pair ended up a lot more than pleased and open to give aid to their mate. Sandra around-time, began viewing the Bagwell domestic with a lot more frequent persistence. Although the doctor and his spouse ended up experiencing a trip in New Mexico, Sandra went as considerably as to demonstrate up unannounced. Her at any time increasing requests ended up frequented with pleads of childcare and harassment by means of cell phone calls.

The Bagwell’s before long made the decision on action, and tried to extricate by themselves from the connection with Sandra. Sandra nevertheless would not let it. In June 1982, she produced a cell phone connect with to Betsy, and asked for she consider her to the medical center, so she could rent a car as her’s wouldn’t commence. Betsy supplicated and would consider Sandra to the medical center, and then again to the Church ended up Sandra was formerly parked so she could retrieve her license, which she claimed on arrival, experienced been neglected.

The actual details of the face stay shrouded in mystery. What is comprehended, is that on June sixteen, 1982, authorities uncovered the forty-year outdated Mrs. Bagwell, dead in her Mercedes i the airport parking lot. There was a huge gunshot wound in her head, and a stolen.22 caliber pistol held in her correct hand. when the verdict was presented, it was concluded as a suicide.

Despite the verdict, there was continue to quite a few issues unanswered. The police ended up knowledgeable that Sandra was the previous person to have noticed Betsy alive. Concerns emerged about the loss of life, these involved the absence of a suicide notice. The police nevertheless refused to re-analyze the circumstance and it remained closed.

As was so accustomed to Sandra, she non-chalantly ongoing with her lifetime. As of June 1984, yet another gentleman experienced fallen into her clutches. The sufferer, a good-searching 29 year-outdated, Alan Rehrig, experienced just moved to Dallas to get started perform for a home loan business. Sandra was conversing around her garden, when Rehrig, seeking for a place he could connect with residence, occurred to pass by in his car. Pulling his Ford Bronco around to the facet of the road, he asked Sandra if she knew of any apartments to transfer into. She admitted she did not, in its place, agreeing to aid him out.

In just just a several brief months the pair grew to become inseparable. Rehrig was incredibly fond of Sandra’s 3 daughters, who, at their’ mother’s calling would announce by themselves on an unsuspecting Rehrig, even though he was hectic performing at his business office. Sandra, by the tumble of 1984, experienced some unforeseen information for Rehrig and delivered the information that she was pregnant with twins. This situation was even a lot more curious for one crucial reason, 7 decades previous Sandra underwent a effective hysterectomy. This was nonetheless a lot more deceit from Sandra, emotion that as she obtained some pounds around her stomach, that she could lie correctly. There ended up of class a lot more lies, lies together with her age, telling Rehrig she was 36, when she was in simple fact 41.

A reputable Rehrig, experienced no reason to question his new girlfriend, as he continue to felt the ended up having to know every single other. Despite the intervention of friend’s to reveal to Rehrig the pace at which his lifetime was switching, he was also in enjoy, and, December 1984, Sandra Bridewell and Alan Rehrig grew to become partner and spouse.

There was constantly the consciousness to Sandra, that the being pregnant lie could only consider her so considerably. With, Rehrig committed completely to his spouse, Sandra was able to simply change the story. So, in February 1985, she produced a cell phone connect with to her partner and advised him the regrettable information that she experienced a miscarriage.

The information was devastating to Rehrig and the relationship began to experience as a final result. Like her previous two husbands, Rehrig was beginning to realise that his spouse a pallet for high-priced tastes. She would press him to make a lot more and a lot more money, and produced him consider out a large lifetime insurance coverage plan. Friend’s recall how Rehrig complained of Sandra’s practices, as she spent $20,000 a thirty day period on clothes, food stuff and travel.

November 1985, and the pair divided. Rehrig was convinced he experienced to stop the connection with Sandra and moved into a friend’s residence. The two of them, ended up divided for a interval of several months and they didn’t so considerably as set eyes on every single other. Then in early December, Sandra phoned Rehrig and organized a assembly at a storage facility at which the two experienced stored some products.

The real happenings of what ensued around the upcoming several hrs have by no means been identified. What is comprehended is, Rehrig was found slumped around in his Bronco in Oklahoma. The ended up extensive gunshot wounds to both the head and the upper body. It was also identified that Rehrig has in simple fact been driven all the way to Oklahoma. The loss of life of Rehrig was intensely scrutinised, Sandra was suspected of his murder, nevertheless nothing could be pinned on the lady who experienced turn into recognized around Dallas as the, “Black Widow”. Her demeanor below interrogation could be explained as coy, virtually playful. There was then a whole switch in conduct from the “Black Widow”, and she grew to become wholly uncooperative, refusing any individual to discuss to both her and her daughters.

If there was any grief to her husbands loss of life, then it was being hidden very well. Sandra, was scrimping on funeral costs, picking out the most in-high-priced casket possible for Rehrig and then convincing her pals to include the burial costs. On the day of the provider, she arrived late, dressed head to foot in a wealthy mink coat. This was an economical cost, Rehrig’s loss of life experienced delivered her with a $220,000 lifetime insurance coverage claim, dropped straight into her financial institution account.

Sandra’s name nevertheless was in tatters. A well-known neighborhood journal, detailing Sandra’s curious earlier, and recounting her conduct was to serve to this. Sandra was before long to depart Dallas for good, she re-found herself and her family members to the San Francisco area. Sandra continue to contained the very same appeal and engaged it on Marin County, she before long began relationship a gaggle of wealthy gentlemen, who ended up sympathetic to her earlier story, this story would frequently include the use of a believe in fund that she was about to be obtaining and her non-restrained sexual inhibition. A person of the gentlemen loaned her $23,000., even though yet another was suckered into parting with $70,000, which he pulled up by means of a pension. Neither of the gentlemen been given a one penny of their loans again, even however they took their’ promises to court. Quickly, the very same and very similar stories that experienced surrounded Sandra in Dallas, began to seem in San Francisco.

By the early 1990′s, Sandra changed her identify and was now recognized as Camille Bridewell. She experienced still left California, and moved to Boston, wherever she took up home with a boyfriend. She was also a resident in Connecticut and Hawaii. Despite the change of addresses, the very same meanness continue to stewed in her underbelly. She would now steal the Social Safety figures of other people, she would consider out credit history playing cards, and rack up huge buys, without the need of an intent to at any time shell out the money again. she was so destructive in her actions, that she even destroyed the credit history of her daughters.

As the millennium arrived around, Sandra was now middle aged, and shifted from sexuality to faith, as to draw her victims closer. The foundation of her stories would now contain the invention of stories these as, she was a missionary who experienced traveled the environment and perform with orphans. As normal she was quite persuasive and experienced a way to make people submit to her desires. She then befriended a pair who owned and managed a motel in the state of Alabama. Despite the simple fact that she was not able to even shell out for a place, she was obtaining food stuff and money from the cople.

she ongoing with the missionary story, and as she moved herself to Atlanta, she would change her identify a bit, from Bridewell to Bridwell. She then convinced a lady she satisfied at church to split with the price of an high-priced apartment rental. After a minimal time handed, Bridwell’s new housemate, found she was paying out for all the things, as Sandra claimed she was waiting for a huge sum of money to be delivered sort her believe in fund.

As 2006 ensued, Sandra surfaced in North Carolina, at a new church and changed her identify to Camille Bowers. Afterwards that year, in September, she moved herself in with Sue Moseley, a 77 year outdated lady, residing in a million greenback residence on the Carloina coast. Sandra struck up a deal with the son, Jim, that in return for the management of the housekeeping, she would acquire free of charge place and board.

She began to construct a respectable name around the neighborhood local community, and spoke several situations at a neighborhood women’s club. Sandra then began the approach of getting the funds of the Moseley’s. She gathered tax records, gathered her Social Safety payments into a separate account, siphoned off home loan money, designed credit history costs and used Mosele’s financial institution account to fund her private costs, together with spa treatment options and high-priced footwear.

Jim before long grew to become suspicious of the new housekeeper, and early in 2007, he stumbled on a length newspaper story in a Dallas publication, chronicling the exploits of her lifetime. Jim, performing alongside the police, as a front gentleman in a sting, aided the arrest of the “Black Widow”, on 2nd March 2007 in a cafe in Charlotte, North Carolina.


The story of Sandra Bridewell culminates with many costs below her identify. She was committed of, identity fraud, fraud, mail theft and Social Safety fraud. After the arrest and the significant publicity, the police took a renewed fascination in the loss of life of Rehrig and the police of Oklahoma City, pour a lot more sources and a lot more manpower to the circumstance.

February 2008, and Sandra Camille Powers, pleads responsible to one count of identity theft, afterwards the very same thirty day period she was formally sentenced by the choose. The “Black Widow”, experienced still left a long lasting impression and trail of destruction where ever she went, leaving a trail of victims desperate for her sentencing. When justice was at last insued, she was requested to shell out a $250,000 fantastic,a dn shell out a lot more than $1,600 dollars in restitution to the Moseley family members.

Source by Matthew A Black