“Idea the entire world in excess of on its side and almost everything unfastened will land in Los Angeles.” -Frank Lloyd Wright

With all the “unfastened ends” that have landed in this town, these types of as artists, musicians, athletes, and extra, they have proven the independence that this spot offers with their capacity to allow unfastened and express by themselves considerably over and above what is common. This is what can make L.A. so unique and unique from anyplace else in the entire world. With numerous skaters and surfers buy CBD products dominate the scene, in this short film, they show how they allow unfastened in this town of the angels.

Surfers: Matt Pagan, Dayton Silva, and Matt Mohagen.
Skaters: Steven Swanson, Haden McKenna, and Jared Cleland.

Filmed and edited by Mike Pagan.

Voice overs by, the legend, Vin Scully and the BBC Reyner Banham Loves Los Angeles 1972 documentary.

Tunes by Freakish Atlantic – intro (and a head in the freakish atlantic).


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